1. Dreaming Of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

  2. Division
    Shannon Wright

  3. Ghosts of No
    Elysian Fields

  4. La Main Gauche

  5. Santa Rosa

  6. Knights of Something
    Troy Von Balthazar

  7. Corpo Inferno

  8. Eau
    Alexandre Delano

  9. Les Saisons du Silence
    Olivier Depardon

  10. Pigalle
    Flip Grater

  11. Lisa And The Lips
    Lisa And The Lips

  12. For House Cats And Sea Fans
    Elysian Fields

  13. We Insist!
    We Insist!

  14. Motionless

  15. Brawl In Paradise
    Elyas Khan

  16. Vicious Circle : 20 ans ! Compilation
    Various Artists

  17. In Film Sound
    Shannon Wright

  18. Stars and Stones
    Luis Francesco Arena

  19. Shady Hollow Circus
    Julien Pras

  20. ...is with the demon
    Troy Von Balthazar

  21. While I'm Awake I'm At War
    Flip Grater

  22. ReNYX

  23. 'La jungle nous appelle' dit-elle (Disquaire Day 2012)
    Mansfield TYA

  24. Un Soleil Dans La pluie
    Olivier Depardon

  25. Nyx

  26. Falls Best

  27. Stranger
    Chris Bailey & H-Burns

  28. Last Night On Earth
    Elysian Fields

  29. Secret Blood
    Shannon Wright

  30. Queen Of The Meadow
    Elysian Fields

  31. Either Way I Think you Know
    Minor Majority

  32. Southern Kind Of Slang
    Julien Pras

  33. Silent Revolution
    Clelia Vega

  34. Mary Lee Doo

  35. Cordebrève
    Corde Brève

  36. Honeybee Girls
    Shannon Wright

  37. Seules Au Bout de 23 Secondes
    Mansfield TYA

  38. Carabine

  39. Don Lee Doo

  40. Danse Of The Nerve

  41. Let In The Light
    Shannon Wright

  42. Le Klub des 7
    Le Klub des 7

  43. Creature Shock Radio

  44. Clones, live in Berlin

  45. Real To Reel

  46. Dari Daring

  47. Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright
    Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright

  48. Let Jah Music Play (The Original Dub Mix Selected By Manutension)

  49. Super Vocal & Dub Session
    Improvisators Dubs

  50. 5 Original Tune From Super Vocal & Dub Session
    Improvisators Dub Feat. Danny Vibes & Jonah Dan

  51. Strictly For Sound System Dub (Dub Attack The Tech Vol.1)

  52. Live * Act * Outernational
    Improvisators Dub

  53. Au Revoir
    The Electric Fresco

  54. Tropical Motion Fever
    Drive Blind

  55. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover)
    Clelia Vega

  56. The Afterlife
    Elysian Fields

  57. Twelve Steps To Whatever

  58. Dub & Mixture
    Improvisators Dub Meet The Disciples


Vicious Circle Bordeaux, France

French Label since 1993
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Shannon Wright, Troy Von Balthazar, Chokebore, Elysian Fields, Mansfield.TYA, We Insist!, Elyas Khan, Sexy Sushi, Mars Red Sky, Julien Pras, Luis Francesco Arena, Pollyanna, Olivier Depardon, Chris Bailey & H-Burns, The BellRays, Tender Forever, Minor Majority, Calc, Kim, Puppetmastaz, Girls Against Boys, The Notwist, Julie Doiron... ... more

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